Research Brand Voice With The 3-In-1 Personality Booster Pack
4 Steps To Standing Out & Letting Brand Personality Shine Through In Client Copy
Want a step-by-step guide to the EXACT questions you need to ask to dial in on your client's brand voice and be able to replicate it in their sales copy?

That's where the Personality Booster Pack comes in. It will help you:
  • Capture your client's unique voice so you can communicate AS them
  • Connect with the audience personally by delivering copy that's consistent with your client's brand and personality for a seamless experience 
  • Create converting sales copy when they launch their offers. You want their audience lining up with a fist full of cash yelling, "TAKE MY MONEY!"
BONUS: The Personality Booster Pack Is 3 Resources In 1!
The Personality Booster Pack is a combo pack of 3 great resources that will help you uncover and showcase more client personality in the copy you create for them so you can:

ATTRACT exactly the right people for their offers.

SHOW UP as THEM in a way that's authentic and compelling.

SHARE about their offer in a way that's genuine and authentic - NOT salesy.

Here's what's included in the Personality Booster Pack:
  • The "You Do You" Cheat Sheet:  Sales copy doesn't have to sound like sales copy. In fact, it's a whole lot more interesting when it DOESN'T. This 4-step guide will show you how to inject more personality into their messaging so that it reads like an extension of who they are instead of something people feel like the HAVE to read in order to get to the point. 
  • BONUS Qs:  When you're done with the cheat sheet, you'll have a complete resource for how to communicate with the target audience in their own unique style - but that's not all! This page of BONUS QUESTIONS will help you infuse their messaging with their unique style even MORE!
  • The Everything Under One Umbrella Guide:  Why do some pieces of copy fall flat even if they're based on something that worked really well for someone else? Find out what can cause a disconnect between audiences and copy and how you can fix it.
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